TAURUS - The smartest laser finishing system

No die tool anymore with Taurus, it is roll to roll digital converting solution powered by a Galvo system technology and equipped with a sealed C02 laser source to finish printed jobs at incredible cutting quality and speed.

Developed on 3 axes scanner and the latest in laser technology, this unit offers a better X and Y register and cut depth control (Z) allowing the user to cut with different power levels on the same labels.

This means an increase in quality and precision of label edges and a higher flexibility in label design supporting multiple laser processes and the laser beam will kiss-cut, slit and perforare most materials used in the label industry.

Working digitally means deliver your jobs just on demand and thanks to the smart features and high speed offered by Taurus the job size, path complexity and work execution of your finished labels will not be a limitation anymore.


Each core is managed by its own tension media control to keep adjusted automatically the media tension on the roll regardless its diameter.

Why Taurus:

- Running a label production in-house means reducing inventory requirements and costs.

- Producing full bleed labels will no longer be a nightmare.

- Laminating adds durability to your labels with no need for special media.

- No need to order pre-die cut label rolls.

- No need to order die tools.

- A quick and simple solution for labels on demand.


Quick Running Process

Extremely user-friendly, loading of saved jobs will take a few seconds and new ones will be just a question of minutes. Thanks to an efficient setup process, the system meets the challenges of small runs and short lead time, thus ensuring “labels on demand” delivery time.

Higher Profits

Based on fully digital workflow, the laser process eliminates both the cost of buying conventional die plates and downtime for setups of mechanical dies.

Flexibility & Quality

Equipped with the latest laser technology, it gives great flexibility in label design and increase in cutting precision.

Speed Optimization

Depending on the complexity of the artwork, the unit gives the operator the option between “cut on fly” and “start & stop” modes which will help increase work productivity.

Remote Assistance

Customers whose computers are connected to internet will have access to our knowledgeable support technicians through remote assistance, making it convenient to troubleshooting and resolve any issues.







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