FLORA XTRA3300H 3.20m Hybrid UV

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 The Power of Printing on both Flexible and Rigid Materials


Flora XTRA3300H Hybrid UV 3.20M


=      FLORA large format hybrid printer

=      It adopts grayscale printhead and supports 4-level gray printing

=      Large format printing size up to 320cm

=      Bi-media handle system, supporting both roll-to-roll printing and rigid board printing

=      A variety of color configurations, standard 4 colors, white and varnish for option

=      Double negative pressure system, anti-collision protection, suction platform partition controllable, anti-static device, auto media           deviation sensor, auto medial guide bar, etc

=      Wide application solutions for wallpaper, light box , car sticker, acrylic, template, glass, cardboard, etc







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